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About Us

About Us

Inner Flame Candle Co. originated in Sunny South Florida, influenced heavily by the playful sunshine and the tropical scent of lush greenery. The founder of Inner Flame Candle Co. centers the message of the brand around the powerful force that ignites one’s inner passion, spirituality, drive, their Inner Flame - the power of scent.

Aromas have the ability to transport you back in time, revisiting exciting memories and awakening your nostalgia. We believe that as you create your perfect inspiring environment, surrounding yourself with the magical power of scent will guide you deep into the state of mind where you will be able to fully discover your Inner Flame.

Creating the perfect environment would not be complete if the products you were using on your skin and breathing into your lungs were full of chemicals and hazardous ingredients, which is why we also believe in using all natural ingredients that are safe to use and incorporate into your environment. Both inspiring to the mind and healthy for the body, Inner Flame Candle Co. is proud to create products that will bring joy to your life and ignite your Inner Flame!